Nano-Diamond Ceramic Coating: How and why this product will make your life easy!

  • Superior 9H-12H scratch resistance

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified

  • Self cleaning abilities

  • 10 Years permanent protection

  • Advanced chemical and acid resistance

  • Extreme heat tolerance (up to 1200°C)

  • Super hydrophobic 120 degrees water shedding angle

  • Colour protection from UV radiation

  • Anti-corrosion/oxidation protection

  • Advanced heat dispersion abilities

  • Fire resistant

  • High gloss

  • Irremovable only by machine compounding and sanding

  • 10 Year warranty

Our climate is one of the most aggressive on Earth, therefore many ceramic coatings on the market that are designed for use primarily in other countries simply will not last through the years of abuse under the Aussie sun.

Nano-Diamond forms a permanent chemical bond with the vehicles paint and other exterior surfaces, that encapsulates the surface in a strong, invisible layer of protection. Protecting your paintwork from harmful environmental elements such as bird dropping stains, water spotting, UV radiation and fallout pollution. The super hydrophobic surface ensures every wash is absolutely effortless from the initial rinse to the drying process.

We want to help you protect your investment and ensure that the fresh factory finish is completely sealed in and protected for years to come.

With our busy lifestyles, we find it difficult to make time to wash our cars, let alone wax them. With Nano-Diamond Ceramic Coating applied to your car, the only maintenance needed is a simple Sunday wash!

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