Leather cleaning

Our attention to detail with interior detailing speaks for itself.

Dirt, grease, oils, stains and clothing dye can deteriorate and change the colour of leather seats and trim and add that shiny/greasy look and feel. With our tools and techniques, we are able to remove these contaminants safely, leaving a clean and natural matte finish to your leather. 

We are able to clean any leather in your car, whether it be seats, steering wheels or trim pieces. 

Leather isn't the only thing that accumulates dirt. Panels such as the head-unit, instrument clusters and air-con vents tend to have heavier dirt and dust build up as well as finger prints. These areas can be made of sensitive materials that can scratch or stain easily. With our safe products, tools and techniques combined we are able to clean these sensitive areas without harming any panels or materials.

Get your interior looking, feeling and smelling brand new again. Our interior detailing packages removes dirt, oils, grease, and stains from your interior so you can enjoy a comfortable drive every time.

This package include:

  • Full interior clean

  • Leather cleaned

  • Leather conditioned


Fabric and upholstery cleaning

Fabric seats and carpet may appear clean at first sight. The dirt, grime, oils and most importantly bacteria that we remove will have you thinking twice about how clean your fabric and upholstery is! Stains, discolouration and fading can be rectified with our deep cleaning solution. What you sit on and what you step on outdoors is exactly what will transfer into your seats and carpet. 

Health and safety is our number 1 concern when it comes to interiors. You, your friends and family may have medical conditions that can be triggered by the contamination in your interior. For your own health and safety, consider this service at least once a year. 

Cloth material, especially seats and floor mats, can accumulate extreme amounts of dirt and bacteria which may potentially be hazardous. Our deep cleaning extraction ensures there is no filth left in your seats or floor mats, making your drive clean and hygienic!

This package includes:

  • Full interior clean

  • Seats deep cleaned

  • Floor mats deep cleaned